BARDAHL Racing Petrol Treatment

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REF. NR 13101
Füllmenge 300 ml
Dosierung 300 ml : 80 L
Kompatibilität alle Benzin Motoren
Wirkung Systemreiniger, Wasserentferner, Korrosionsschutz, entwickelt von BARDAHL und Sébastien Loeb Racing für Motorsportler.
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BARDAHL RACING PETROL TREATMENT has been developed for racing drivers who want to protect and extend the lifespan of their engine. This preventive petrol additive can be used during races or normal road driving. It is recommended to avoid the loss of power due to engine clogging and wear. BARDAHL RACING PETROL TREATMENT: – Lubricates the upper part of cylinders and piston rings, and makes up for the absorption of lead in petrol fuel. – Protects valves and valve seats against wear. – Prevents from pinking and auto-ignition. – Improves engine performance, power and responsiveness. – Disperses water from fuel. – Makes cold weather start easier. – Reduces fuel consumption. – Protects and keeps the fuel system clean. A BETTER ENGINE COMBUSTION = BETTER ENGINE ACCELERATIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Add the additive into the fuel tank before filling in with a minimum of 20L of fuel. Suitable for any type of petrol engine (injection, carburator, high pressure injection systems, turbo-charged). Compatible with catalytic converters .

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