BARDAHL Racing Gearbox Additive

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REF. NR 13107
Füllmenge 150 ml
Dosierung 150 ml : 1,5 L
Kompatibilität alle Schaltgetriebe
Wirkung GETRIEBEÖLZUSATZ für Schaltgetriebe und Differenziale mit dem besonderen Verschleißschutz für den Motorsport.
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BARDAHL RACING MANUAL GEARBOX ADDITIVE is a gear oil additive that will extend the gearbox lifespan, improve its performance and make gear shifting easier. BARDAHL RACING MANUAL GEARBOX ADDITIVE: -Reduces wear on gear teeth. -Increases gearbox performance thanks to the reduction of friction it will generate. -Lowers the operating temperature. -Reduces oxidation and protects against corrosion. -Makes gear change easier thanks to its lubricating properties. -Reduces gearbox noise. -Protects the gearbox during sprint & endurance races. Compatible with any gear oil. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Add the additive into the gearbox oil crankcase. Dosage: from 10 to 20% maximum of the oil crankcase capacity, respecting the recommended oil level. Can be mixed with any type of mineral, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic and Dexron oils.

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